Veggieworld is an organisation that sets up conventions in multiple European cities, in order to introduce people to a complete vegan lifestyle. So not just food, but also shoes, clothes, cosmetics, animal rights, … the lot.


This weekend (Oct. 21 &22) Tour & Taxis was home to the very first Veggieworld in the city of Brussels. We went early and on a empty stomach. So clearly today we were particularly interested in food


Every food stand at the convention, had multiple samples available, and we didn’t skip any of them. We also tasted the eggsalad from V-box. It is amazing, and we had to take some home for lunch tomorrow. They also had a selection of topped donuts available, of which we tried the charcoal chocolate donut. Kristof could not resist..


After listening to guestspeakers, a quick chat with Hsuan, who makes some real funky shirts and sweaters (check out: https://www.bazaardeluxe.be) and sampling some more we were hungry again! We queued at the “Waffles Veg” stand. Kristof chose a Kentucky Waffle Sandwich with seitan, grilled onions, vegan cheese and a tarragon sauce. I’m a sweet tooth, so I went with a warm Liege Waffle.

To walk off some of these calories, we went on exploring some more booths.
We met Joeke Vandermeer (www.instagram.com/joekevandermeer) , who makes beautiful tableware and prints. Her webshop is gonna be online soon, so hello christmas presents!


Eva vzw is the Belgian partner for Veggieworld. They had a big booth with a lot of info about going vegan. They gave us a map of Brussels with vegan hotspots on, so expect a Brussels blogpost soon.

After all that food there is only one thing we can do… go home and watch a movie.
On the sofa.. It’s sunday after all.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



If you want to share something about Veggieworld, in Brussels or anywhere else.. or want to reply to this article, click here

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