Christmas shopping… Love it or hate it. Busy city streets, shops filled to the brim with either decorations, pretty lights, or people going bananas. Wether you prefer to endure the physical endeavour of visiting the shops, or go on an online shopping frenzy…  we have some tips for you, and your vegan (or non-vegan gift recipients!)
A vegan lifestyle can mean so much more than just a vegan diet, so we’re listing a couple of shops, webshops,… that extend veganism in various directions.

Bazaar Deluxe is a fashion brand that operates from Belgium. Hsuan and Michal design clothes for the vocal vegans among us. Tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts… all of which are fabricated in an eco friendly and cruelty free manner!

By Blanch is an ethical and vegan shoe brand, based in France. Owned by Mireia M. Blanch, born and raised in Barcelona, and passionate about cruelty free fashion, and her plant-based diet!
Personally, I’ve had my eye on these pretty green boots ever since I spotted them at the vegan fair in Brussels. Just look at them!!!

Dr. Martens
Many of you might know, some of you might not, But you can get your hands on some awesome vegan Docs. We both like them a lot, and will probably always have a pair in our closet, or on our feet.

Joeke Vandermeer makes some of the most original and beautiful illustrations of animals. Recently she started making mugs, dinner plates, bowls, everything to embellish your christmas table, and wow your guests…
We love her stuff!

Lush has quite an array of vegan cosmetics available, but we’re primarily stoked on the vegan-friendly bath bombs. They have special christmas versions available during the holiday season!

Etsy is also a home for a lot of our creative vegan friends. You can find an almost infinite amount of fun stuff on there, and buy directly from the creator!

Ofcourse a coupon for their/your/our favorite restaurant is always an option.
We love eating at De Gastvrijheid , Loving Hut,  or De Levensboom
All of these restaurants are located in Belgium.

Or choose to support local charities, animal shelters…
They will always welcome helping hands, and donations!!

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!!!

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