A breach of silence

We’ve been very quiet the last couple of months, except for the odd Instagram post every now and then. Why I hear you ask? Well, we’ve had our reasons… Allow me to elaborate a little..


Last summer was one to never forget for the both of us. Temperatures seemed to never drop under 25 degrees (Celsius, that is), which did have us spend pretty much every day outside, near a lake or ocean, from dawn till dusk. Therefore we never really got behind our computers. Actually we started learning to SUP (Stand-Up Paddle), and I also gave it a shot to teach Stefanie how to keep a little balance on a skateboard/longboard. For some strange reason her balance on the water is A LOT better than her balance on land. Maybe the difference in impact when falling has something to do with that, I’m not sure.


Ofcourse we discovered, and rediscovered, some great food in different Belgian cities too. Recently, in my hometown (Overpelt), an organisation named VeggiePelt, started to convince local bars, pubs, restaurants to put at least 3 vegetarian meals on their menu, and also at least 1 vegan option. For a small town, with probably not a lot of vegans in it, that’s a huge thing. I was, and still am thrilled for it, and i wholeheartedly hope that this temporary project ends in a permanent thing! It’s a start!

Me and Stefanie also quit our jobs, and started new ones this summer.
I started working more locally, still driving a truck, and delivering beer and other beverages to local bars, pubs, cafés…
Stefanie also returned to Beringen, (where we live), to work as a communications coordinator for the city. With us both working really close to home, we can probably get rid of one of our cars soon, and do a lot more by bicycle

We move into our new house! We’re done building it, and we moved in just two weeks ago. We’re still stumbling over some cardboard boxes, but things are finally falling into place (not litteraly).  We’ll probably do a virtual house tour on Instagram, or something like that, because we’re really proud of it. Especially the kitchen area! We finally have one that really fits our needs, and allows us to invite more guests, and share a lot more photos of our culinary endeavors.


Probably the most significant event of the summer: We got married.
July 20th was our day, and we had an amazing, unforgettable time with our friends and family. We’ll dedicate an entire post on the subject, and the short but sweet honeymoon, soon!!

So I think everyone can imagine we’ve had a lot on our plate the last months. For once i’m not talking about food specifically!!
We do hope everyone had a great summer, and will forgive us for our absense. We’re picking it up where we left it, and will share a lot more in the following weeks!


Take care!!

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