A Sweet/Short Honeymoon


So, as you may have read in our previous entry of the blog, we got married last summer.
We didn’t really plan an elaborate honeymoon, because we mainly wanted to focus on getting our new home built this year. As you can imagine, building a house is a pretty time and financial resources consuming endeavor.
But… When we saw yet another mouthwatering post from “The Avocado Show”, in Amsterdam, we couldn’t resist booking a weekend in Amsterdam. We’re only human, after all.

The morning after our wedding, we got op bright and early, packed some stuff, and made our way to Amsterdam. We arrived around noon, and immediately dumped our bags at “Ecomama”. Ecomama, is a quirky, but very comfortable hostel, and we fully support their philosophy of being responsible for the footprint we leave. This hostel is as green as possible. We like to think we are too.


After dropping off our stuff, we took to the streets. Amsterdam is one of our favourite cities to visit, when we don’t want to spend too much time on the road (or in the air). It’s about 2,5 hours away from where we live, but at the same time, it’s so different from any city in Belgium. It has a lot of shops we like to visit, museums, and the general atmosphere is something we really enjoy.


This was however the first time we visited Amsterdam together. That’s why I convinced Stefanie to also try something else for the first time. A boat tour on the “grachten” (canals). It’s one of the more typically touristic things to do. Things we usually try to avoid as much as possible. But since it was so hot outside all weekend, I just wanted to be in the vicinity of water. I needed cooling, like the Led Zeppelin song suggests.
Close to the Anne Frank house is a starting point for various boat tour operators. We picked “Flagship Amsterdam”. A relatively new player on the guided boat tour-market. The captain and guide were both very young, but equally enthusiastic, which rubbed off on everyone joining us on the boat. Which made for a pleasant trip and rewarding experience. I even wrote a TripAdvisor review, to help other people find their way to Flagship.


It goes without saying I had to promise Stefanie a worthy meal to get her on the boat in the first place, so when we debarked, we pretty much immediately tracked down some vegan deliciousness on the Happy Cow app. Vegan Junk Food Bar caught my eye.
We obviously had heard about Vegan Junk Food Bar before, but never visited it yet.
Since it was quickly becoming a day of firsts, it seemed fitting to head over there and see, and more importantly taste, what the fuss was all about.
We arrived there, and noticed all the outdoor spots were already taken. It was to be expected, the weather being as amazing as it was. We managed to find a spot inside though. Perfect for me. I don’t really function properly when temperatures exceed 26°C.
Not only the exterior and interior of Vegan Junk Food Bar are colorful, but also the staff, and most of the clientele. We didn’t feel one bit out of place, and quickly scanned the menu for some much anticipated goodness. I ordered the Original VJFB-burger. Stefanie picked some weird hot dog, in a purple croissant. Paired with some sides, we absolutely stuffed ourselves. Maybe not the healthiest of meals, but oh so good. No regrets!


Bellies full, we did feel the need to walk it off a bit. We dragged ourselves back outside, and strolled along the canals for a while. We found ourselves in the “9 streets”. This is a small neighbourhood in the center of the city, that harbours a mass of vintage and designer shops, specialty stores and cosy cafes. Shops were already closing at that time, but that did not deter from the captivating atmosphere these streets radiate.
The perfect romantic frame to end the first of our two days in Amsterdam. And the nicest road to follow back to our hostel. Our private room on the waterside provided us with some much needed cool air, to help us get a good night sleep.


Bright and early sunday morning. We got up, jumped into our clothes and tried to make it to “The Avocado Show” in time. It’s a first come, first serve type deal there, so it’s just a matter of getting there in time. We knew that the brunch/lunch window gave us the biggest chance to be able to get in, and that was the case. We got there a little before opening time, and after us a lot of people showed op, and formed a line outside.
Inside, it’s avocado heaven. We’re both avocado addicts, there’s no other way about it.
(I wore socks with avocado’s on them for the wedding. Yeah, i know..). Suffering some severe option paralysis, we ordered about half of the brunch menu. A stack of pancakes with the most amazing “avocado butter” (I’d go back, for the “butter” alone!), the avo garden, and the tropicana bowl. We ate until we could eat no more. Such a shame. By now The Avocado Show also has a restaurant in Brussels, so we’re definitely visiting one of them again.


Like I told you earlier, Amsterdam has been one of our favourite places to go. One of the reasons why, is the Rijksmuseum. Most of the times we come here, is just to visit it. We both have a firm interest in creative and artistic expression, and there’s no better place to get or feel inspired than a museum like this. Walking among that amount of masterpieces is very humbling, and extremely satisfying at the same time. Whenever you visit Amsterdam, wether it’s for shopping, partying, or whatever your reason may be. Take some extra time, and visit the Rijksmuseum, or any of the other amazing museums Amsterdam has to offer.


Before we headed back home, we needed one last pit stop to fuel ourselves.
Right around the corner of the park in front of the Rijksmuseum, we found “Zest For Life”. Another cosy food bar that exclusively serves vegan & raw food & drinks.
A delicious wrap with sour cream and some taco’s, paired with a big glass of fresh orange juice and a fresh coconut were the perfect closer for our little honeymoon weekend.




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