Catching up!

Kristof and I have been married for almost a year now…. Time flies when your having fun!
Let’s reflect.

We’ve kept ourselves really busy this last year. Aside from getting married, we moved from our rental apartment to our newly built home. (Yes, we still owe you guys a home tour. But that will have to wait till I’m done unboxing all of my shit, and the final touches have been finished)
Both of us have switched jobs, again.
Now we’re back and ready to kick this little blog back in to gear.

I don’t think we ever told you the story of how we met.
Kristof super-liked me on Tinder and we started talking about pizza and Springsteen.
We found out that we had more in common than we could imagine. We kinda moved in the same circles when we were younger. We missed each other by one year in high school. We went to the same gigs…  But yet, we never met.


For our first date we went to the Avonturenberg. The Avonturenberg is a artificial mountain in Beringen. A mountain of discarded mining debris, turned into a sloped playground, with a lot of benches to hang out on, and even a very demanding mountainbiking trail. We are fully aware that it is a public area, but we still kind of see that place as ours. An extra backyard, so to speak.
Kristof prepared an elaborate picknick, and I supplied the drinks.
Kristof made way too much food, we couldn’t possibly eat it all.
There were quesadillas, wraps, tiny pizzas, chips, dips… the lot!!
I like food and loved our date… We talked about everything, really, everything! It felt like we had known each other for a long time. I think we both knew we’d end up where we are now, in some way at that point!

After that, everything went so quick. We’re no teens anymore, so a lot of decisions tend to get made a little quicker, maybe. Within 3 months Kristof moved into my apartment. Within a year we got engaged, on our trip to Barcelona. 10 months after that, we tied the knot.

I can’t imagine a time before us. I’m sure that if Kristof had not swiped to the right, we would have met in some other way eventually.
We’re just meant to be.

So, now you know..  

Also, we have quite the trip planned. More on that later!

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