Summer is coming to a close, but we love to squeeze in some extra time and get outdoors before the season of sun and fun fades away. 
Wether it’s a quick weekend trip with by ourselves or we share it with friends or family. We dig it all! We especially love to go to the woods or beach.

We’ve round up some of our favorite spots:

Goes (Zealand, The Netherlands)
We took the motorcycle for a spin on this trip to Goes. We love the Dutch coast. It’s a lot less crowded, and less of an architectural abomination compared to the Belgian Coastline.We can spend hours on a peddle board in a kayak, or just in the water or on the beach. Discovering small coastal towns too, of course.

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London (UK)

We’re lucky. London is just a train ride away for us. We took the Eurostar train, under the channel, countless times. The ferry is another option if you want to take your car, motorcycle, camper van across.
We’re both infatuated with London, and have been for quite some time! We could get lost for ever in all of the museums. Just strolling around for hours. Without forgetting an equally important asset. London has some of the most amazing vegan food as well.

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So pack your bag, and hit the road!

What are your favorite roadtrips?

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