Grilled street corn hot dogs #veganweekmenu

We got inspired by All Vegan Franks and all their hot dog options.
We tried to recreate their Street Corn Frank.
We’re so happy to find the perfect balance between texture and flavor!

We chose the Beyond Sausage, from Beyond Meat. It has the perfect taste and works very well served on a toasted bun. We cooked it in some rapeseed oil, until nice and brown. Put some vegan butter in a pan, add the sweet corn, a pinch of salt and pepper. Our secret ingredient is a teaspoon (or more, to taste) of Chipotle Seasoning from Deliciou. It gives this dish the perfect kick.

For the topping sauce we made a simple spicy veganaise.
Mix two tablespoons of your favorite veganaise, store bought, or home made, with a teaspoon of in diced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (La Morena – brand). Add a little bit of lemon juice, to taste.
This is enough to cover two hot dogs, for us. If you want more sauce, just double it, triple it… using about the same ratio.

Assemble the hot dog!
Bun, sausage, (optional line of tomato ketchup), corn, spicy veganaise,…
Top with cilantro, chives, parsley,…


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