An informal introduction:

Sans Saucis are…

Kristof and Stefanie.
We met and fell in love a little over a year ago.
Other than for eachother we also share a love for travelling and good vegan food. So we decided to combine it in this blog and share it with the rest of the world.
We try to visit as much historical sites and industrial heritage as possible, armed with an open mind, and a DSLR camera (or an iPhone, if bagage limitations are exceeded).
In doing so, we frequently discover new vegan restaurants, cafe’s and foodtrucks everywhere we go.

We do eat veggie from time to time, but mainly vegan, so the vast majority of the food represented on this page will be vegan.
We will also share some other stuff from time to time, like homemade recipes, links to other blogs, articles or other things we deem suitable for sharing.
So bear with us, as we hope you enjoy reading, as much as we enjoy writing about our experiences.



Plant-killer with the hope of growing some green thumbs soon/eventually.
I love love love me some cacti!!
Proud mom to Louis le Frenchie.
Serious affection for paper and hand lettering.
Soundtrack of my life: The Guardians of the Galaxy OST, anything by Bruce Springsteen and Brian Fallon.
I work at a the Town Hall of Beringen as a communications coordinator.


Truck driver (professionally),
Motorcyclist, guitarist, trivia dude (passionately)

Both my job and my hobbies allow me to go to new places pretty much daily, and the search for a meal, going from decent to spectacular is therefore also a near to daily endeavor.

As I try to inform myself about good places to eat, wherever i may be or go, I kinda feel the responsibility to at least try to inform others about my experiences along the way. A vegan (or even vegetarian) diet, still takes a little more preparation, and if i could point anyone in the right direction for a tasty experience, us writing these stories is worth it.


If you have inside tips or just wanna say hello, drop us a line at or in the comments/contact section.